nutritional advice


As a personal trainer, I offer you a service with which you can achieve your goals in order to optimize your health, nutrition, fitness and mobility. Personal training is characterized by the direct training situation, individual support and time independence. It guarantees a maximum of individuality and privacy.

In my personal training, attention is paid to the correct execution of the exercises so that injuries and incorrect posture are avoided. There is only one person in focus and that is you. Your needs and wishes are my benchmark for your training. Together we develop joy and fun in exercise and sport, while we combine your physical needs, time options and requirements. I will create an individual training plan for you, whereby strength, cardio and flexibility training are the most important pillars to build up a good workout. Another advantage for you is: the time saving. I take care of the training planning and the structure of the training for you.



A healthy diet is very important these days. Every person is unique, has different everyday stresses and a different metabolism. I then develop individual nutrition plans. These have the best success with a combination of sufficient, restful sleep, a lot of exercise and a life that is as stress-free as possible


nutritional advice

Many people want to lose weight or improve their health but don’t know how or lack discipline. With my help, we change your eating habits into a well-balanced diet in order to achieve your goals as easily and quickly as possible. Before we start the nutritional advice, I would like to know exactly what foods you have eaten in a week and which foods you like and which you don’t. I will then create a nutrition plan for you. At regular intervals we check what works well and what works less well.



I’ll show you ways to balance your food choices and good alternatives for a healthy, filling meal to select. The joy of eating combined with a feel-good effect also to a better quality of life. Of course you also have the opportunity to ask me questions about the functions and tasks of nutrients in the body. Give for a better implementation I will give you practical tips to help you achieve your goal in the best possible way.